The Guardian newspaper has declared that the University of Sussex could be home to some of the most influential student voters at the 2015 election.

The University of Sussex was described by The Guardian as “home to one of the most politically active student bodies in the country.”

Students’ recent involvement in major demonstrations against the privatization of the University and the ‘Big Kiss-In’ protest in a local Sainsbury’s store have proved that Sussex Students are a shining example of young people’s increasing involvement in politics.

After a recent report by the NUS, it has been revealed that almost 200 constituencies have a student population large enough to overthrow the majority vote of 2010, and have a considerable influence over the outcome of this year’s election.

NUS polling shows that 73 per cent of students are now registered to vote, compared to only two thirds in February 2014.

“Students are the force to be reckoned with at the ballot box” states NUS President Toni Pearce.

“We endure financial hardships and future debt unimaginable even to the students of ten years ago, and we stand to suffer far worse prospects than our parents.”

With this in mind, it is clear as to why students are so passionate to have their voices heard, with Sussex students as an active example.

The Green Party currently hold the seat at Brighton Pavilion which is currently their only seat in parliament.

Political blogger Ian Dale has predicted that Labour may take this seat in the next general election.

However, Caroline Lucas, the Green Party’s MP for Brighton Pavilion, was named MP of the year in 2014, and with the Green Party backing the recent campaign for free higher education, an issue which students are clearly passionate about, and the steady rise in student voters, the Green Party may well hold on to this seat.

Mia Blakeney

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