Undoubtedly, Internet inevitably plays such a great role in our lives that social parts such dating or flirting has been changed dramatically. Online dating seems to be a rapid tendency that helps us running our love lives, meeting  new partners and easily sharing our interests. It is not random at all that according to researches Tinder App has more than 50 million active users, who check their profile around 10 times on a daily basis, liking or passing, swiping potential partners. Many critics argue that this kind of technological advancements have alienated and disconnected people nowadays, but is it indeed the truth?

Although Tinder started around two years ago, it was not until olympic snowboarder Jamie Anderson posted on Twitter: “Tinder in the Olympic village is next level”, that it became globally popular. The key characteristic and probably the secret of its success lies in its hidden simplicity. Another great aspect is that if hypothetically you liked the guy who looks exactly like Henry Cavill – he will never know it, if he does not like you as well. It is quick, direct, without a great deal of information about yourself, it finds users that are at the moment around you and you just ‘like’ or ‘pass’ them depending on your preferences. “It is natural, you like people as you could like them in a cocktail bar”, one of my friends says.

Probably he/she is like millions of other people in the world who feel that technology can also bring people together. The apparent advantage of dating through the world wide web is the chance and possibility to have access to a variety of people, since it composes a wide pool of choice. If you are single, you probably have a Tinder account or if you are not, then you definitely know how it works. According to a survey of the University of Rochester, online dating has been a common sense if we take into account that after meeting through friends, it is the second most popular  way of initiating flirting.

It is a fact that like everything in our lives, we need to ameliorate both benefits and pitfalls, especially when referring to our safety. This is why everyone tends to be presented as perfect in several ways and as a result you are reasonably worried about the platform that you spend a significant part of your daily routine. Due to this frustration, some of us still refrain from the hobby of online dating, despite it has been developed in a way that offers the illusion of removing any obstacles that may exist in real life.

Dating sites numbers increase as time goes by, growing its use at great extent every year and fulfilling a huge list of characteristics. Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Match.com and OkCupid are some of the most well known and highly ranked by users. As it seems, with so many options, finding the ideal dating site might prove to be as difficult as finding  the love of your life.


Vera Balamatsi

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