The Students’ Union has launched its Community Communications scheme. Student volunteers will help young people in Brighton create media that represent “the issues that matter to them”.

In a post on an anti-privatisation Facebook group Communications Officer, Michael Segalov, called for volunteers, writing: “Let’s make an army of young socialist sleeper cells in Brighton.”

He has described the Community Communications project as “really personal”.

“I wanted to make sure what we produce is a sustainable project that will continue to run in Brighton when I’m gone.

“The students’ union is political, that’s why student elect officers to run it. I don’t think that’s problematic.

“I would expect, a broad range of political beliefs. I would encourage anyone who wants to to get involved. I would never pretend that I don’t have political beliefs that inform what I do.”

Michael Segalov has been an active member of the, largely left-wing, campaign against privatisation of services at the University of Sussex. In December 2013 he was suspended from the university for his involvement in the occupation on Bramber House.

In January 2015 he was offered an apology and compensation by the university after the Office of the Independent Adjudicator  for Higher Education found the University was unjustified, disproportionate and unfair in the suspension of Segalov and four others.

The Community Communications scheme has received £2,000 from the University of Sussex. The money comes from the Community Social Fund, a pot of money separate to the main ‘block grant’ that the Students’ Union receives from the university.

The Students Union is calling for 12 student volunteers to facilitate sessions and act as mentors for the 16-18 year-olds. The project will include a visit to a newspaper headquarters, as well as a “secret gig”.

The pilot scheme is being organised alongside The Bristol Cable and Arts Emergency. It will run until at least March 2015, continuing in Brighton and around the UK if successful.

Photo: Adam Barnett

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