As a journalist I may be cutting off my nose to spite my face somewhat, but there is nothing worse than hearing the unfiltered contents of your peers’ sarcy minds clatter over the quieter moments at a gig. While mostly everyone has an opinion on something, the journalist feels the need to fill any quiet moment with a (supposedly) witty comment, as if your in- ternal monologue just wasn’t supplying you with enough of your own. Seriously, journalists every- where – nobody needs to hear your comments before they have reached the cutting room floor. People will be happy to read your opinions in their own leisure. There are some things which are best left unsaid, at least for in the moment. This is the kind of thing that I might have done myself a few years ago, but it only took a second’s introspection to realise that this was a bit of a dick move. A gig’s a special moment for most people (especially for those who don’t see them at the same rate that you do). So yeah, take some time out, not only to play caution to your own thoughts, but also to allow a moment its ineffability.

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