The Band Aid 30 song “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” has become number 1 on BBC Radio 1 Top 40 chart. I guess there is no  secret why. It is an amazing mix of the coolest and biggest British stars, who sing beautifully for good cause, earning money to fight Ebola. I just don’t understand what can make it not likable.

For example, there are different opinions about this particular song, with some people arguing that the old version was much better, while some like this one. But what can be wrong with creating something new and making history? Moreover, so many great voices were involved in Band Aid 30 for different tastes that everybody can like it.

But the most I don’t understand is the people who criticise the project itself. I think it is such a smart way not only to earn money for those in need but also to present people the Christmas spirit, all at the same time. I think it is magical and sad at the same time hearing the lyrics and understanding the meaning of it.

I personally believe that it really can make a great impact, because thanks to the artists and those who were involved in this project, a lot of money has been already earned. It can help a lot of people who don’t have those opportunities that most of us have and save their lives.

Also, it is very important to remember that if something bad is happening far away, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t pay attention to it. We as a society, cannot live with closed eyes and ignore what is happening in the world. We need to help each other and it needs to be done not just because of  the fear that Ebola can reach us, but simply because somebody out there is dying of this horrible disease.

I think it is such a shame to blame artists that they use this project as promotion or that they do it because they want to show how nice they are. At least they do something that we don’t. People who expect only bad things from others are not good themselves.

Anna Sudnitcyna

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