The Students’ Union has decided to put forward a referendum to all students on reform to the 6 Full-time Officer positions.

The referendum will ask students if they wish to remove the roles of Communications Officer and Operations Officer and replace them with a new ‘Welfare and Wellbeing Officer’ and a ‘Society and Citizenship Officer’. The referendum will also ask students if they wish to split the role of the Education Officer into separate Officer positions for both Undergraduates and Graduates.

Also to be put to students in a referendum is the question of whether or not the role of President should be renamed to ‘Union Affairs Officer’ to create a less hierarchical structure within the officer team.

The four current part-time officer roles could also be scrapped, with their responsibilities being subsumed by the new full time officer positions.

These proposed changes come as a result of direct recommendations from the NUS after a report was carried out in October on Students’ Union Officer roles.

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