With 2011’s King Creosote collaboration Diamond Mine came haunting yet twee scottish folktronica, with last year’s Immunity came the heft of a Mercury nomination, an artist reaching the peak of his productions: balancing demi-Aphex Twin “IDM” sensibilities with his incredible overspilling beats and loops that overspill the trite tautness of a lot of electronica made in the contemporary era, Jon Hopkins has crafted a breed of electronica that retains personality. From the visceral album leader ‘Open Eye Signal’ to the melancholic and touching closer ‘Immunity’, the LP acts as his magnum opus, a perfect balance of sensitivity and electronic energy. This month, he applied Occam’s Razor to Immunity, dropping Asleep Versions, an EP of dreamscape ambient reworks of the best tracks on last year’s album. Having seen his audiovisual show at this year’s Beacons Festival on the Yorkshire Dales, I can certify that that his often spectral sound translates well into the live arena, not just washing over you, but engulfing you with each track, light and video clip.

Jon Hopkins plays The Brighton Dome on the 4th of December, tickets available here (£18-21)

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