Dear Badger,

Monica & Rachel; Bert & Ernie; Kanye & Jay Z; Mark & Jez; Oprah & Gayle; Man & Dog; Marth & Fran. What have all these pairs got in common? Friendship, of course! Week after week, all we read in our beloved Badger are tales of woe and misfortune. We have taken it upon ourselves to raise the mood as winter approaches.

What happier notion is there than two friends giggling in the autumn leaves? Or skipping together down a riverbank arm in arm?

Perhaps we should take this moment to sit back and really appreciate those friends in our lives that make us feel cosy like a hot fire on a stormy day.

Whether it’s cooking us a meal, giving us advice about life, telling us if our breath smells too much of garlic and forgiving us when we do garlicky burps, friends see us through the thick and thin of the storm that is life.

A friend is the smooth, sweet icing on the cake. But the truest friend of all is like a bra, supportive and always close to your heart.

When was the last time you told a friend you love them? Make that day today.

A pair of anonymous friends  

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