The Conservative Society at the University of Sussex enjoyed a visit from Katy Bourne, Conservative candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections last week.

The event on Thursday 25 October brought together Conservative students from across campus for a lively question and answers session, followed by a visit to Falmer Bar’s weekly cocktail night.

Megan Evans, a new member of the Conservative Society commented: “The event was really useful, as the PCC roles are under-publicised, despite the television advertising.

“It was really useful to be able to find out first hand what the role entails and the advantages of replacing the current system.”

Members of the society asked a series of insightful questions, finding out not only about Katy Bourne’s own manifesto, but about the changes being made to policing and the need for reform within the system.

Matt Boughton, President of the University of Sussex Conservative Society said: “Katy Bourne’s visit shows how successful the Conservative Society is as she gave up valuable campaign time to see us.

“She shared some of her great ideas on how to cut crime in Sussex, and that is why we will be out campaigning for Katy up until the election on 15 November”.

Katy Bourne’s manifesto includes promises to ensure we are all safer in Sussex, by catching more criminals, increasing the visibility and effectiveness of neighbourhood policing, tackling anti-social behaviour and delivering greater value for money.

The society was also joined by Katy Bourne once more in Hove on 2 November 2012, during a busy campaign day.

Members of the society handed out campaign material such as Katy Bourne’s ‘Safer in Sussex Manifesto’, and talked to lots of residents about her objectives and the role of the PCC in improving policing.

Matt Boughton, President of the Sussex Conservative Society commented that: “It was a great campaign day; we all enjoyed it and feel that there is a lot of support for her out there.”

Imogen Adie
News Editor

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