Jessica Mcclean
Monday morning and eyes wide with anticipation, I opened my bag to devour my well-earned lunch.
To my dismay, my cheese sandwiches were now warm because they had been
festering in my bag for so long.
Disappointed with my lunch making attempts, I resort to the library café
and spent £4 on a hot Panini.
The next morning I resolved to get out of bed earlier to make myself a
lunch I could truly look forward to.
I brought out my Tupperware and mentally congratulated myself on the
pre-prepared salad that awaited me.
My delight did not last long however; the leaves had gone mushy from the
lack of air and my bag now reeked of tuna; nice.
Feeling forlorn with another failed dejeuner, I resorted to battling the
elements to the new deli Falmer House for a slightly more edible duck
As students, it is not feasible to expect us to eat out every day.
However, without adequate cooking facilities for second and third years on
campus, we are often without choice.
Yes we could eat our warm sandwiches and mushy salads, but it feels like a
punishment for working hard at our degree.
So to anyone of authority who reads this, PLEASE GET US SOME COOKING
FACILITIES, and for those with perhaps less authority; any good lunch
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