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Visiting Brighton as part of their third sell out tour, Submotion Orchestra brought their beautifully rich and entrancing sounds to the stage of Concord 2 on Saturday. The seven talented musicians formed Submotion Orchestra in Leeds in 2009, and were quick to gain attention and rave reviews following the production of their debut EP and as a response of their outstanding live gigs. The band’s increasing demand and celebrated presence on the dub scene and during the festival season has brought them back to this neck of the woods. Hosted by event organisers ‘Playgroup’ in their South-East venue, The Blind Tiger Club’s custom-designed sound system was set fully in motion. True to hopes and expectations, they delivered a buzzing audience yet another stunning live performance. The band’s refreshingly unique music is a seductive ensemble of soul, ambient electronica, funk, dub, drum’n’bass and jazz, producing a powerful sound that proved to immediately consume the brimming audience at Concord 2 on Saturday. The on stage combination of percussion and orchestral instruments merged with singer Ruby Wood’s sublime voice and a ground shaking heavy bass, offers an inspirationally original musical experience. On top of their well-known songs ( ‘Finest Hour’ and ‘I’m All Yours’ being the most notable, with the audience all singing along),  we got to hear a selection of the band’s new material, taken from their latest album ‘Fragments’ that was released earlier this month and is now on sale. This was not a gig to miss out on or forget in a hurry; if you haven’t already fallen in love with Submotion Orechestra, then I highly recommend succumbing to their charms and giving them a listen. Moreover, considering the breath taking energy of their performance and the new levels of appreciation added with the opportunity of seeing them perform live, keep your eyes peeled wide for their next appearance.

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