Samantha Fennessy

Small Batch Coffee Company, 17 Jubilee Street, Brighton, BN1 1GE,

Photo: Samantha Fennessy

The Small Batch Coffee Company is an ideal place for coffee lovers and first-timers alike. All the coffee produced in their flagship café situated on Jubilee Street is lovingly prepared with care and attention that fails to be replicated in any chain coffee store. The café plays homage to all things coffee, emphasising the importance of sustainability and quality from the growing to the roasting. Yet this statement is not reflected in hiked up prices. The ample seating and abundance of papers and magazines ensures that you can enjoy your coffee and other delectable delights such as strawberry and pear cake, capturing the English countryside – with absolute escapism. Watching the world go by is also catered for with the masses of window seats across the length of the café. Enjoying an espresso with a huge pile of magazines or sitting down with friends is the perfect way for a Sunday morning to pass in preparation for shopping or studying. And so, whether you’re craving a cappuccino or in need of a caffeine boost, the Small Batch Coffee Company is the place to have it!

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