Richard Mashiter, Activities Officer

The Student’s Union is proud to present this year’s new cup, the Campus Halls Cup. Be proud of your halls and battle it out throughout the year to become the champion of the Sussex campus. Every Saturday we’ll be hosting sporting events for you to gain points for your halls. Throughout the rest of the year we’ll be running a number of events from egg races and treasure hunts on campus, to RAG events across the country!

All of our sporting events are free and a great way to meet new people and get involved! Our sports teams will be running the Saturday competitions. Novice or pro, everyone is involved and included so give it a go and who knows you may want to keep up with the sport you compete in! You don’t need to be part of a team, just turn up and we’ll match you with others in your halls of residence. You get points for participating as well as winning so everyone is welcome.

The Campus Halls Cup is your chance to get involved, meet new people from your hall and from across campus. One of my ambitions when I became Activities Officer was to bring the campus together and reignite that community feel within and between residences.

This week, I will be running a netball event, so do make sure to go down to the sports hall at the front of campus. Brighthelm won our launch event Capture the Flag, Northfield won fencing, but who will win this week’s Campus Halls Cup Challenge?

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