Dear Badger,

I recently helped out a friend, who is building a straw bale house in his back garden, with a large group of enthusiastic friends who were up for a new experience. We used lime in construction, which comes from limestone, found all around the Sussex countryside.

But this poses certain questions:

Have you ever looked at your dustbin and seen more than just waste? Have you ever looked at a house and wondered what is was made from, or indeed how it was made? Have you ever thought that maybe there were more uses for plastic bottles than just to drink from?

No? Maybe it is time to look at the world around you and the things in it in a new way!!

A new and exciting project in our very own Brighton town can be your first inspiration. The architect Duncan Baker-Brown is creating a building made entirely from waste material from local industries and building sites. The University of Brighton will be the site of this revolutionary building and you can get involved with the construction process.

Our society is driven by the need for new with little thought for the old. So many things could be reused afresh, before you even send them to the recycling centre. There is so much you can make yourself, without relying on shop bought goods. It is so important to change this wasteful and destructive way of living, so look at your classed ‘rubbish’ and see if you can be creative with what you find!

Gabrielle Millar- Cahill

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