The Duke of York’s Picturehouse in Brighton has been voted as the country’s favorite cinema by visitors to the consumer review site

The Duke of York’s Picturehouse is an independent cinema, and the oldest working cinema in Britain, housing a single screen cinema with 283 seats.

The cinema recently celebrated its 100th birthday on 22 September 2010.

Celebrations involved screenings of a selection of films from 1910 and revelers dressed in period clothing, making participants feel like they were in a movie scene.

The reviewers on the website praised it for its selection of films, comfortable and roomy seats, its cake and drink selection, as well as the Grade II listed building.

The staff at the Duke of York’s Picturehouse said: “it’s amazing. We know we are popular in Brighton but we didn’t know that we would be voted as the UK’s favorite cinema.”

Although the picture house is popular, the manager said they received complaints from some customers and said: “I think we always deal with them in a really good spirit and we definitely listen to public opinion.

“We really care about our Facebook and Twitter accounts: if that’s where our customers are, then we want to be there too.”

This level of customer service is just one reason why consumers love the picturehouse.

The cinema tries to choose films that are different from other cinemas, whilst still trying to attract a wide audience with new releases and mainstream films.

The manager of the Duke of York’s commented that: “we want to make going to the cinema a really special event.”

The cinema tries to create a special experience, with a bar with an extensive wine list, a balcony with luxury sofas, and a wide range of film showings.

A second year University of Sussex student said: “I love the Duke of York’s for the late shows.”

To meet customers’ different needs, the cinema targets different audience groups with different screening times and ticket prices.

For example the Silver Screenings are tailored for those who are retired, charging only £3.50 for a ticket. Students can take advantage of a reduced ticket price, including late night showings.

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