The long suffering fans of Brighton and Hove Albion seem to have finally turned a corner on what has been a perilous number of seasons in both the lower leagues and at the grotesque Withdean stadium, but it’s not just football fans who are celebrating.

With the opening of the Amex Stadium coinciding with Sussex’s fiftieth anniversary, there isn’t a better time for students to go out and get involved with their local team.
As ground capacity has increased from the meagre 8,850 at the old Withdean ground to Falmer stadiums impressive 22,000, so too have the opportunities for work.

Brighton and Hove Albion are currently employing match day stewards in the general, parking and hospitality positions.
Students could do a lot worse than secure a job that pays a respectable £7.30 an hour whilst also offering guaranteed yet flexible shifts at an award winning venue (the Stadium was recently honoured at this year’s structural steel design awards).

Sussex second year student Sola Ogunsola began working at the stadium in August and whilst not the biggest football fan, described his work as being; “really good, you meet a lot of different people and the drunk fans are hilarious.

Also the work schedule’s quite flexible so I won’t have to balance my degree with my job”.
Students are advised to apply online at Brighton and Hove Albion FC website,


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