This November men from around the world will join together to grow moustaches in aid of men’s health charities.

Participating males (Mo Bros) begin the month of ‘Movember’ clean shaven, and set off on a month-long journey of growing and grooming a moustache of any shape, or kind, that genetics will allow. Each Mo-sporting-Bro will become an unmistakable ambassador for the Movember movement, encouraging education on men’s health issues whilst raising funds for prostate and testicular cancer charities.

Female supporters (Mo Sistas) are encouraged to get involved in raising awareness and funds through word of mouth, and in coercing as many Mo Bros as possible into taking the Movember challenge. Mo growing rules are as follows:

1.    On Shadowe’en (31 October), the complete moustache region, including the entire upper lip and the handlebar zones, must be completely shaved.
2.    Throughout Movember, no hair shall be allowed to grow in the goatee zone (a small growth under the bottom lip is permitted).
3.    There is to be no joining of the moustache to sideburns.

Movember began in November 2003, with a group of 30 friends in Melbourne deciding to grow Mos for charity. It has since grown into a global phenomenon, now recognised as the largest non-governmental fund raiser for prostate cancer in the world, and raising over £106 million globally since its birth in 2003. It’s been active in the UK for four years, and last year 112,000 Mo Bros and Sistas in the UK raised £10.3 million. Raising awareness of men’s health is also vital to the Movember campaign.

Each Mo, be it elegant and full, or decidedly questionable, is now a distinctive symbol of men’s health that can spark open conversation around this often ignored issue. Movember is also about the opportunity to celebrate the moustache itself, as one seasoned Mo Bro pointed out: ‘If you’ve ever been curious about rocking a Mo but haven’t had the courage, what better reply to any raised eyebrows than “I’m doing it for charity!”

An end of month party on campus will congratulate the top fundraisers, showcase the best Mos, and thank all Mo Bros and Sistas for their contributions to the on-going mission of Movember and its charities. To get involved as a Mo Bro or to offer your support as a Mo Sista, register at and receive all the necessary information about sponsorship.

To see everyone that is taking part at University of Sussex, find the University network on Create your own Mospace page, or form a team page for your club or society, and start showing off your proud facial follicles to your fellow Mo Bros and Sistas!

To make a donation or find out more about the work of the chosen Movember UK charities, The Prostate Cancer Charity and the Institute of Cancer Research, visit the official Movember site at

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