A Brighton student was rescued by fire services after scaling a Brighton club last week. This comes after the recent news that a student from the University of Sussex fell 20ft from a roof during an alcohol-fuelled stupor.

The student, a woman thought to be in her late teens, staged the dangerous climb atop the roof of Concorde 2, a nightclub famed for its live music scene.

After pulling herself onto the curved roof of the building at around 2am, she found herself unable to climb back down and became distressed.

Concorde 2 was closed at the time, and emergency services were called by passers-by who tried to assist the girl. Fire services eventually coaxed the intoxicated girl down with a ladder.

One said: “She was wearing stilettos and was too frightened to climb back up and was very upset…the last I saw her she was in a police car being given a talking to. She was sobering up”.

Local residents responded with outrage to this alcohol-driven incident, which is not isolated amongst university students in the area.

One wrote online that “[The student] should pay a call out fee for wasting the emergency services time or at least do some charity work.”

Another responded more sympathetically towards the situation. “Sounds like [the student] already learnt her lesson.

“She was crying, frightened and had a talking to from the police. Starting University is difficult time and who knows what underlying emotional issues led her to do this.”


Charlotte Debenham

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