A student at the University of Sussex has been killed after being fatally struck on the back of the head by a tree branch. Mr Ulas, 61, died at the scene despite attempts to resuscitate him in Ashen Wood, Burwash Common, near Heathfield.

His widow, Rosemary, when asked about Mr Ulas, described her husband’s death as a “tragic accident”. Mr Ulas was a part-time doctoral student of the University of Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies and was due to finish his doctorate in September 2011.  He was studying under Dr Ben Highmore, reader in media and film.

When asked to comment, Dr Highmore described how affected those who knew Mr Ulas were at his sudden and untimely death. Dr Highmore went on to add: “Friends and colleagues in the School of Media, Film and Music were shocked and saddened to hear about Ted’s death.”

Mr Ulas was described by his tutor as being “very much part of the academic life” of the department. Dr Highmore also talked about the personal qualities of Mr Ulas citing “his generosity and enthusiasm” and how they will be very much missed.

Dr Highmore further commented that the academic interests of Mr Ulas describing the basic premise of Mr Ulas’s doctoral thesis; “he was writing his thesis on Charlie Chaplin, using the work of the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu for his methodological approach.”

Mr Ulas’s “enthusiasm” for film extended well beyond the academic sphere and into his professional life.

He was one of the founding members of the UK Film Council and joined the Council as a General Manager. His responsibilities included setting up the building and hiring staff.  Previously he had worked for British Film Institute.

When asked to comment on Mr Ulas, Ms Tina McFarling said: “There is not much more I can tell you about Ted except to say he loved the film industry and was a kind manager and colleague.”

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