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Vive La France

The Badger

ByThe Badger

Feb 1, 2011

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Vive La France

You’re at the University of Sussex. You’re staying in Brighton, the pop-culture capital of Europe (if not the world), the place to find new musical talent from all over. Sounds good, but where am I going with this, I hear you ask?

Being in such a vibrant city gives us amazing opportunities to experience live acts we may not be able to see again, and be introduced to music we may love for the rest of our lives. A great example of this is Vive La France! 2011, which is coming to Brighton on the weekend of 27-19th January.

If ever there was a reason to get out of halls or house and get into Brighton town, this is it. Melting Vinyl bring an impressive cast of French talent to Brighton for a third year. Loads of venues in the North Laines will be host to a diverse mix of musical genres from the land of the Eiffel Tower, to impress both connoisseurs and newcomers to the French music scene. Komedia, The Hope and The Basement all welcome such artists as Melanie Pain, Punks Jump Up, Housse De Racket, Chapelier Fou, Curry and Coco, JD the DJ, and KKC Orchestra, who comprise and Drum ‘n’ Bass DJ, a pianist, a swing guitarist and a rapper. You’ll only see acts like this in Brighton, and you’ll only see these guys at Vive La France! Plus there are more great acts to be announced!

But Vive La France! won’t only be showcasing music – after all, it wouldn’t truly be representing France if it omitted a vital part of French Culture: its food! French Bistro ‘Mange Tout’ on Trafalgar Street will be selling the finest of French cuisine. Give into the temptation to try some French wine, beer and other bites. Plateau, in Bartholomew Square, is a new venue, combining some intimate after hours DJ sets with the culinary delights that France is famed for.

As well as this, the Duke of York’s Picture House, just off Preston Circus, will host the exciting finale through the medium of film. An exclusive late-night screening of the best of French film, ‘Delicatessen’, a cult classic back home, is sure to entertain the discerning festival-goer.

Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet (of Amelie fame) and Marc Caro, this acclaimed black comedy, set in a post-apocalyptic apartment block in France, asks the question: “What would you be willing to do if food was a rare commodity?” An intriguing and atmospheric story, ‘Delicatessen’ is the epitome of Viva La France! after dark.

The festival also includes seminars from some of the pre-eminent names in the French music industry, and with more acts still to be announced, Vive La France! 2011 promises to exceed the high standards it set in 2010 by further establishing itself as a cultural focal point in Brighton’s musical calendar.

To grab a slice of French culture, and to experience Brighton like you’ve never before, get to Vive La France! 2011! Make sure you get your tickets online at, or Don’t forget your ID!

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