In a bid to get a summer scholarship with one of the largest advertising agencies, Jamie Ivory has created a Twitter account for which he needs followers.

The 22 year old University of Sussex student needs as many people involved in the venture, as part of the application process for Saatchi and Saatchi.

Ivory chose to create the persona of an old and opinionated granny, @the_granny.

Studying an MSc in International Marketing, he is hoping for a graduate position as account handler with the advertising agency. This is only the first phase of the application process. The Twitter page of applicants will be scored on the number of followers, updates, retweets and @mentions.

Ivory added: “I was actually with my Nan when I was given the first brief and was trying to come up with a good Twitter idea. “I decided to create an exaggerated version of her because she is truly hilarious, opinionated yet totally loveable.

The more I started to think about the idea the more I liked it. I think deep down we are all a nation of granny lovers, and everyone can relate to a ‘granny’ in some way. “My aim on Twitter is to break all the misconceptions people have about grannies.”

Phase 2 will be launched today and will run parallel to Phase 1. Those fortunate enough to get through the first two phases will only have one more phase until they learn whether their application was successful.

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