Taj The Grocer is just one of the many places to shop from in Brighton, aside from the mainstream supermarkets like Sainsbury's

When I first moved to Brighton as a budding foodie from London, it took me a long time to search out the best places to buy ingredients. I’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to- here are five of the best food shops in Brighton.

Taj The Grocer on 95 Western Road, Brighton BN1 2AD. Taj offers an enormous range of Middle Eastern and South Asian ingredients.  The spice range is excellent and much better value then in supermarkets- they mostly stock TRS spices .The vegetable range almost makes up for Brighton’s lack of a vegetable market and has some pretty obscure stock for the adventurous. If you don’t feel like cooking, they have a counter with freshly made curries and snacks. They offer a meal for two for £10, so it’s good value as well.

Yum Yum Oriental Market on 22-23 Sydney St, Brighton BN1 4EN. This shop has almost everything you need to make authentic East Asian food. They have a huge range of products and stock all the more obscure ingredients. This is the only place I’ve found pea aubergine and palm sugar in Brighton and they do frozen lime leaves too, which are brilliant in Thai curry. The staff are really friendly and knowledgeable and it’s not expensive either. Also, they have the most incredible range of instant noodles I’ve ever seen if you’re feeling lazy.

Archer’s of Brighton on 128 Islingword Road, Brighton BN2 9SH. This butcher’s has been in the same family for four generations and it shows. The master butcher trained at the now closed Smithfields’ butchery school and is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly.  The meat is excellent, they offer a good range and they have seasonal specials.

Le Cave à Fromage on 34-35, Western Road, Brighton BN3 1A. This is a new branch of a quality cheese shop in London of the same name. There’s more cheeses than even the most addicted cheese freak could get through and you can try before you buy. The staff know what they’re talking about and they also offer regular cheese and wine tastings. It’s not cheap, good cheese isn’t, but it’s awesome. For a sample, they offer a cheese and charcuterie board with two glasses of wine for £20 served at the fancy tall tables at the back of the shop.

Brighton Fishing Quarter on King’s Road Arches, near the East Pier. Brighton has surprisingly few fish monger’s for a town by the sea, but this little area on the beach is a hot spot. There are plenty of little shops to choose from, all offering a selection of wet and frozen fish and shellfish at excellent prices. Also, while you’re there you can get a delicious hot smoked mackerel sandwich from the tiny traditional fish smokers.

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