Red KyteThis energetic Brighton five-piece stole the show at the Pav Tav last Wednesday night providing a riotous yet light-hearted support to Hertford band, Proceed.

Reminiscent of You Me at Six and We Are The Ocean these fun loving boys comfortably smash together punk rock and pop with a slight dash of emo to create the anthemic, passionate track their fans loves them for.  Powerful guitar riffs and pounding drum beats set off uplifting vocal harmonies perfectly to create a band that manage to combine cool and commercialness effortlessly.

Epic debut track Waiting kicked up a storm in the Pav Tav club, its riotous guitar rhythms and catchy chorus leaving the crowd pumped and ready for a night of pure punk rock fun.

The Badger caught up with singer Robbie, who gave us his opinion on Red Kyte’s up-and-coming success and what influences have led them to becoming the band that he can be certainly be proud of.

How did you all meet?
It started out with just Jonny and me, then we picked up James and Ali. We gelled pretty quickly as a four piece, but we needed a second guitarist so we eventually found Matt. It’s all working out fine, we love each other!

How would you describe your music tastes?
Personally my favourite band is Brand New, but there are some other influences ranging from rock to R&B. Nothing too heavy.

Who writes the music for the band?
Jonny usually brings an idea to the table and we all work on it together, but we all have ideas that pop up here and there.

How do you feel about playing upstairs in Pav Tav with Proceed?
We have been writing a new set over the summer and worked on a sound that we’re all happy with, so it’s been a while since we gigged in Brighton. Playing with Proceed is awesome, they’re such nice guys.

What have your fans got to look out for in the coming months?
Were hitting the studio next week in Oxford, keep an eye out on our Facebook page for all things new with Red Kyte. We’re hoping to come back and gig in the new year, so stay on the look out.

And seriously – how has being in a band helped you get girls?
Most of us have girlfriends, but we appreciate all of the support we can get!

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