Sydney Rae White is a crafty lady with a big fierce voice – a talented musician and an actor. Sydney is the front woman of Her and the Colours together with Jânay Chandramohan (guitar) and Cameron White (drums). Her and the Colours are on it big time this year with more gigs coming up. This is a good thing because it’s a band with a lot of potential and I can’t wait to see more of them.

Thanks to Jânay who is studying at Brighton Institute of Modern Music you have been able to see them playing in Brighton. Her And The Colours are hoping to target Brighton again soon, so keep watching for further announcements and invites.

I caught Her And The Colours headlining at Cobden Club, London this September. They dropped a bomb in the end of the performance in the form of a cover of ‘I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked’ by Ida Maria and their original song ‘Ooh Baby’.

In whatever they do, Her And The Colours seems to make a statement with their music, which is amusing to witness. Listening to some of their songs it’s almost the same feeling as getting punched in the face. It wakes you up, more kindly put. ‘Quick To Pass’ and ‘Shut Up’ certainly has that power. It’s provocative and rebellious but always refreshing.

‘London Girl’ and ‘Look What You Make Me Do’ are flirty and confident pop songs. ‘Ooh Baby’ fits Sydney’s vocal ability perfectly and the acoustic rap version of ‘Ooh Baby’ is genius.

I’ve asked Sydney a couple of questions recently to find out more about her music and acting.

What does ‘Gravity’ mean to you?
Gravity has some almost dark undertones in the lyrics, which contrast to the ‘happier’ sounding ballad chords it has. At the time it was written it was very poignant, but I think I have grown up a little since then, and definitely moved on from the person it was about! But besides that, it’s a great song to sing. I’d love to do a gentle acoustic version of it, so it creates more of a connection. I’d like to do it like that at a gig one day, I reckon people would really get it. I think it would be more personal for me too. There’s an idea for the next show…

Best gig so far?
A bunch of our mates turned up and got the audience riled up for before we came on with all their shouting. The performance was one of our best. It was an all round great night and a fantastic party afterwards too.

Acting or singing?
It depends on the acting job. Some characters are so fun to play, and you can get lost in them. But you can have just as much fun with singing… I used to say music straight off if people asked this question, but recently I’ve not been able to decide.

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