Alan Carr

The Badger managed to track down Channel 4 funny man, Alan Carr, for a quick chat after his performance at the Comedy Festival Gala…

Why have you insisted in the past you’re not a gay role model?
Well, I’m all for originality really. I mean, as soon as you come out as gay – mind you, I never really had to – people go, “ooh, you’re a role model”, and I’m not. I think everyone should live their life how they are… I’m all for individualism.

Do you deliberately distance yourself from the work of other comedians such as Graham Norton, who make explicit references to their sexuality in their humour?
Oh, no… [when it comes to comedians such as Graham Norton] people just assume. Gay people are naturally flamboyant, so we attract more attention. People think because we attract that attention, we’re all like, “look at me, we’re gay, we’re gay!” I’m just very camp, and people look at me anyway. Even before I was on the telly, people looked at me – I mean, look at the face I’ve got!

So when you say you’re not a gay role model…
Well, people expect you to act a certain way, but I’m all for just being yourself. That’s all you can be. I know it sounds like I’m all “heal the world” [breaks into song] but what I’m saying is true. I’m not dissing gays – I’m just saying, let’s not box everyone into the same bloody category, do you know what I mean? I’ve got a wife and two kids! I only do this to get a grant… I’m lottery funded!

What about football? Your dad is quite big in the footballing world…
Ooh, yeah… he’s a football scout now, for Newcastle.

Do you have any inclinations?
Oh, give over love!

None at all? Not even a favourite player?
Oh, I don’t know… Kevin Keegan?! I do watch a bit of football and I try my best – I’ve got myself a sports bra – but it’s not for me really. I support my dad. Whoever my dad manages, that’s who I support. Up the Geordies, is that it? No, the Magpies! Bring it on, the Magpies!

What do you think of Brighton?
I love Brighton! When I used to gig at the Komedia – is it still about? – they had the best audiences ever… and tonight, well… it’s just been brilliant.

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Interview: Alan Carr

  1. Great interview…strange to think that big names like Alan Carr, and also Russell Howard, started off in our very own Komedia! Quite inspiring 🙂 A few people I’ve seen at Komedia have also ended up making appearances on Mock the Week etc. Just think…the next time you take a trip to Brighton’s famous comedy club, you could witness the birth of the next big comic!

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