Grinderman are back with their second album,  Grinderman 2. Just like the Bad Seeds, their sound is yet again not for the light-hearted. Heavy, dark and raw, Grinderman explores a gloomy world of ‘screamy’ guitars, strong vocals accompanied by a set of somewhat senseless lyrics.
It does not come as a surprise to find quirky characters throughout Nick Cave’s lyrics: Mickey Mouse, the Big Bad Wolf, the Loch Ness monster or the Abominable Snowman. The nine-track album opens with “Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man”, a fast-paced, howling filled, existentialist piece along the lines of Cave’s most recent novel “The death of Bunny Munro” (2009). ]
“When my baby comes” sets a more solemn mood which is dragged across to “What I know”, a fatalistic song on what he had known life would bring.
Grinderman 2 lead us on a journey filled with imagery of wolfs and Kali-type goddesses. Since late 70s, Cave and his fellow musicians are still a breath of fresh air in the alternative music scene.

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