Defective By Design

It’s dark, raw and hardcore. Defective By Design did it the underground way again. Over the last months, they have been playing a string of acoustic gigs in Brighton. Tonight, the band was headlining with a full electric set. Black Market Radio and Pip Boy 3000 played beforehand, but when Defective by Design entered the stage they raised the energy level to full capacity upstairs in ‘Pav Tav’.

The Brighton-based band Defective by Design, Eoin O’Toole (vocals), Paris Dickens (guitar), James Wheable (bass), and Alexander McCarthy (drums), had every reason to be confident; the band were running the night, playing a full set with 8 songs in total and their fans were there to wow them on.

Defective by Design treated the audience, ‘the choir’ with a couple of new songs – ‘Fuck Me’, ‘Tongue’ and ‘Odds On’. Opening up with ‘Colour In A Black And White World’, ‘I’m A Cynic’, ‘Fuck Me’ and ‘Obsession Possession’ they were halfway through. Followed by, ‘Odds On’, ‘The Cure’, ‘Easy With The E’, ‘Tongue’ and ‘Truth’ they wrapped up a good fun, sweaty and absolutely boiling night. Eoin works with the audience when performing and get the people going. He walks out in the crowd and takes risks. ‘Where’s my choir’ he asks the audience as he swings the microphone. Scream is what they do and if you can take that you’ll be able to see what’s behind. In particular, Defective by Design contrasts the loud song ‘I’m A Cynic’ with a slower softer one ‘Odds On’ which shows diversity.

If you’re normally into pop, I think you’ll be surprised to find that you like ‘The Cure’ and ‘Truth’. I can’t wait to see Defective by Design at a bigger stage with space for Eoin’s escapades. The music is original; it’s strong, passionate and fragile. Defective by Design commented after the show – ‘the choir was top noch’. The lads recently went on a four day tour in Dublin, Ireland for some music business and should now be back on track in Brighton.

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