Queen's University, Belfast

A university student, Andrew Croskery has challenged his final year degree results, applying for a court review of the grade he received from Queen’s University, Belfast. Croskery received a 2.2 BA degree in electrical engineering this June.

His result was just 0.5 percent beneath the 2.1 boundary. Croskery has blamed his university, citing a lack of support as the reason he missed the 2.1 grade. He has also suggested that his job prospects have been jeopardised as a result of the university’s inaction.

According to Croskery’s lawyer the University’s stance was not compliant with his client’s human rights. While the lawyers for Queen’s have claimed that a legal review was the wrong forum for raising the question of his results as it has a board to consider student appeals and complaints.

The High Court have heard the proposal was being made without discrimination in a bid to ease any concerns by Croskey. It has been suggested that he was denied a right to appeal against his classification because he graduated from Queen’s in June and applied for the review in September.

But on Tuesday, there was a development as a judge granted a three-week adjournment for the review process to take place. The purpose of the review is to  presumably examine his classification on the supposed grounds of inadequate administration and technical irregularities.

A further challenge may also be brought to a Central Students Appeal Committee, although this is not yet  definite.
Croskery, who was present for the brief hearing, left the court house without making any comments on the state of the case.

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