Student media at Sussex is set to be introduced to its first ever internet stream television station this year.

The University of Sussex Student Television (UniTV) is an online video channel run by students that features broadcasts based on university lifestyle.

It is currently in the process of becoming a society after a busy Freshers’ week. Students may have seen UniTV crew members filming such events as the Freshers’ fair and the Brighton Pub Crawl.

The website will be launched when the videos from Freshers’ Week are completed.

Once they have done so, the team wish to involve more students and have active participation.

Alex Anpilogov is the head of UniTV, and is looking forward to the future: “Video today is one of the richest sources of information, which at the moment isn’t present amongst the Students’ Union’s media sources, and we aim to fill this gap.”

“We strive to inform about current affairs and upcoming events at Sussex University, keeping everyone updated with the Students’ Union’s activity and promoting societies and sport clubs through a series of short clips that will be uploaded online and will be viewable by anyone.”

UniTv is at present a small-scale project with involvement from students from the schools of Media, Film and Music and Informatics.

In the long-run, UniTV aims to create an online base for showcasing students’ creative projects, such as television shows recorded live by BSc Multimedia and Digital Systems or music productions by BA Music, and photo galleries for major events.

“We’re planning to introduce interested students to the basics of video production and allow them to create their own shows based on their interests.”

The group want to obtain support and work with the many student organisations.

One student at Sussex studying media said: “I think this is a great thing to have at our university. We  have excellent student media but I’ve always felt it lacked on the visual side.

“Obviously these days our society places a lot of value on television broadcasting so it’s about time we recognise that and take part!”

To have a look at the website and see the happenings and videos, go to

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