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Oct 12, 2010

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The Badger finds out exactly what ‘21st Century Love’ is…

Photo by Simon Hutchings

I don’t know how it happened, but I’m ever so pleased that it did: not long ago, I found out about Ollie Wride and his crazy crew. I kind of feel enlightened, transformed and totally blown away by this band, in particular their tracks ‘21st Century Love’ and ‘Head Rush’. Wride himself has been compared to Lady Gaga but I’m not going there, and I don’t think you should either. Ollie Wride, in all his glory, is simply an act that cannot be missed.

This year has been an eventful one for Brightonian Ollie Wride. Not only has he formed a band with Joshy Dally (guitar), Poppy Kavanagh (bass) and James Cross (drums), together they have proven that they are onto something good. In July they supported Tinchy Stryder and The Saturdays at the O2 in London, playing to over 14,000 people. They’ve also headlined at Queen of Hoxton, playing at both Camden Barfly and Koko. Having seen Wride at smaller venues it’s quite clear where he belongs – in the big arenas.

Quite frankly, when I listen to ‘2lst Century Love’ and ‘Head Rush’, I feel like I need Wride, Dally, Kavanagh and Cross forever in my life and on my ipod. What makes Wride so brilliant is that every performance feels like he’s throwing a party and everyone’s invited. With his band, he performs with conviction, dedication and joy in body language. But they have their more mellow moments, too – try ‘This Isn’t Paradise’, ‘People Like You and Me’ and ‘Modern Man’.

Wride doesn’t say, “oh please, love this”. What he seems to be saying is “I dare you to love me, because I know that you already do”. And yes, we most certainly already do! So, now we would like to suggest that you visit, for a lot of life, music and goodies. Be a part of the glamolution! The Badger met with Ollie Wride and his band at the Barfly in Camden last week for an exclusive interview. I sat down with Ollie after his performance, and asked him six quick questions over a pint.

The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?

The Beatles, I would say the Beatles. Or no, the Rolling Stones. Uh… The Beatles’ music and the Stones’ performance.

Best gig so far?

Last night, headlining Queen of Hoxton, I think we played better. But performing at the O2 [in support of Tinchy Stryder and The Saturdays] was the best experience.

Do you find it easier to write music or lyrics?

Music. I hate writing lyrics, hate it! They eventually come, but they often don’t… so usually music, yeah.

When will you next be in Brighton?

Brighton… well, I think we might be doing the Great Escape festival. We might also be touring in December.

Tell me about your trousers…

I didn’t make them myself – I had them made. I approached the London College of Fashion. I design everything, but I send my designs to some postgraduate students and pick the best final pieces which incorporate my ideas.

What is ‘21st Century Love’?

The song is about the idea of old fashioned romance dying, the modern preoccupation with celebrity… that sort of thing. Where did we lose our touch? What happened? It’s a cynical song – 21st century love is not an ideal love.

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