An Oxbridge student, who describes herself as “a closet nympho currently shagging my way through the half-term hump”, has set up an anonymous risqué online sex blog.

The student has recorded five blog entries within the space of five days under the title ‘Sex At Oxbridge’, detailing her sexual exploits while at university.

Her real identity, and whether she is an Oxford or Cambridge graduate or undergraduate, remains a closely guarded secret. But in her candid blog she discusses a one-night stand with a Blues rugby player, losing her virginity at 18, and the penis sizes of different nationalities.

“British men and German men are the best, and typically have the biggest penises,” she reveals.

Comparisons have inevitably been drawn with Belle de Jour, the author of the autobiographical “Diary of a London Call Girl”, which has attracted millions of readers worldwide and was adapted into a television series in 2007 starring Billie Piper.

However, while Belle eventually revealed herself – as Dr Brooke Magnanti, a specialist in informatics, epidemiology and forensic science at Sheffield University – last November, the Oxbridge blogger insists: “I have absolutely no intention of revealing my identity, mostly because in some cases that would involve revealing other people’s identity.

“I want to protect their privacy as much as I want to protect my own. Besides, my mum would kill me!”

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