A 14-year-old maths prodigy is set to break a 237-year-old record by becoming the youngest Cambridge University under­graduate since William Pitt the Younger. Arran Fernandez from Surrey has been offered a conditional place at Cambridge after passing the university’s entrance exams.

Fernandez first made headlines in 2001 when, aged five, he earned the highest grade in the foundation maths paper. He went on to sit the intermediate GCSE paper and gained an A* in the advanced maths paper in 2003.

“Maths has been a favourite subject for as long as I can remember,” said Fernan­dez, who was educated at home. “I enjoy being home-schooled because I’m more involved. I can see the mark schemes and help my dad decide the curriculum.”

Fernandez has decided he wants to be a research mathematician and says his ambi­tion is to find a solution to the Riemann hypothesis – the unsolved theory about the patterns of prime numbers that has baffled mathematicians for 150 years.

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