In the recent proposals 11 out of 16 Student Advisors are to be made redundant. I am a Student Mentor and part of the Arts mentoring service that  Jacquy Paizis, one of the Arts Student Advisors, oversees.
Many of you will have used this mentor service which will also be cut, almost being pushed out this year. We lost our confidential mentor room, and our computer went “missing” at IT services. We have fought hard to get rooms off the schools that now “own” us.

The Student Advisors fought hard to keep the service going, that helps students with developing their academic work.

Student Advisors are even more crucial to your learning experience than the departments you study in because they are impartial, not driven by profit, but driven by helping students resolve personal issues acting as intermediates to fight your case in an already bureaucratic system. If you’ve ever had mitigating circumstances, a student advisor is key to that process. They are here to help you with any personal difficulties, for instance financial, welfare, homesickness or housing problems.

So God help any students in the future that have a problem thrown at them by life. Student’s welfare is not a main criteria. Management says your life problems just don’t cut it.

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