Students bicycling to and from Sussex campus should be aware that police in Brighton are now taking a hard line on correct visibility.

In collaboration with the City Council, the police are now involved in the ‘Brighten Up Brighton and Hove Campaign’, which aims to remind cyclists of bike laws, encouraging them to purchase lights and reflectors.

During the first week of the campaign, police stopped cyclists after dark who did not have the required lighting and visibility equipment and gave them vouchers for lights and reflectors. During the second week, they began issuing £30 fines.

So far this year, over 100 cyclists have been hurt in accidents. Sergeant Paul Wood said: “Cyclists need to understand that it is for their benefit as well as complying with the law. If you can’t see or be seen, you are more likely to be involved in a collision.”

“Since I’ve come to Brighton, I’ve seen three people on bicycles get into accidents”, said student Ryan Begley. “Particularly on Lewes Road near Sainsbury’s, that’s a five-way junction which is really dangerous. I think safety’s really important.”

The UK already requires front and rear pedal reflectors on bicycles, although many cyclists’ groups have resisted laws requiring rear lights, as they claim it takes the responsibility off those driving in cars to stop an appropriate distance behind.

Police will continue issuing £30 fixed penalty notices to any cyclist riding after dark who does not have front and rear lights and a rear reflector, whether they are cycling on the road or on a bike path.

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