A brief scene of chaos occurred in the library last week as a fight broke between two students. It appears the fight started when one student was staring idly into space as another walked past and thought that he was looking at him. He confronted the gazing student, asking, “what you looking at?”, to which the other student swore at him and told him to calm down. This angered the first man, who stormed over and hit him in the face before an almighty ‘scuffle’ kicked off. The two men then had to be pulled apart by helpful bystanders.

The fight happened in the middle of the day on the third floor of the library, behind the computers, with relatively few people in eye-sight. One student, who wished to remain anonymous, said “It was bizarre, the room was all quiet and everyone was working in silence and then suddenly there was a fight and it all kicked off. People had to step in to get them off each other and everything. It felt so out of place in the library.” Another student said, “it was all over nothing really – just a misunderstanding that led to both of them getting heated. It was all over in a matter of seconds.” It appears that neither party has decided to report the story as the library had no knowledge of the event.

‘A student joked, “I guess the moral of this story then is to keep your head down and concentrate on your work!”’

In previous years the library has been the scene of a number of strange occurrences. Last year the University of Sussex Rugby team decided to take advantage of the new 24 hour opening hours to visit the library when returning from a night out. They proceeded to take their clothes off and run around naked giggling, before eventually being chased out by security.

When hearing of how the fight started with one student staring into space another student joked, “I guess the moral of this story then is to keep your head down and concentrate on your work!” With essay deadlines looming, dissertations on the way and the exam season just around the corner, the hope is that more students don’t take the phrase “fighting for the top grades” too literally!

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