According to their PR, The Perils are the hi-octane antidote to ‘these troubled times of economic recession and downturn.’ As a student, I’m pretty used to weathering my – mostly self-inflicted – financial difficulties, but I still won’t be saying no to the offer of a musical pick-me-up. Lead track and recent single ‘Be Your Peril’ is a memorable and energetic piece of punk rock with just the right balance between frantic drums, guitars and shouty vocals to toe the thin line between over-produced and amateurish. The rest of the Brighton band’s album continues in much the same vein, with the retention of their energy and love of catchy guitar hooks. The insertion of a few too many cries of ‘whoa’ in their choruses indicates a slight immaturity, as does their frequent rhyming and simple lyrics such as ‘can you make me feel good, can you make me feel alright?.’ Then again, this is a definite part of their appeal. If you want seriousness, gloom and introspection you can go and listen to Glasvegas. With the exception of slightly boring ballad ‘The Highway,’ The Perils make good, upbeat, commercial rock music that would translate well to a live setting and, during any economic climate, this can only be a good thing.

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The Perils – Good People Do Bad Things (Militant Entertainment)

  1. Saw them at T wells forum the other day. Amazing live, really proper good. As soon as they came on the lil venue surged with energy. Definitely worth getting the album and go see them live, you wont be dissapointed.

  2. I saw them in brighton last night at the love music, hate racism event.
    they are bloody brilliant!
    home town and all that, but they were bloody awesome! so got their cd on order! you will not be dissapointed!

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