“Too commercial and too much focused on the Hollywood star system…” This is how many people often find the Academy Awards. Besides Britain becoming the focus of these awards (Slumdog Millionaire with 8 Oscars and Kate Winslet winning best actress), this year there are winners that can really be saved from being considered overrated, along with some important breakthroughs in cinematography. One of these winners is Sean Penn due to his incredible performance in Milk, along with the very talented Penelope Cruz (Vicky Cristina Barcelona).

Another one is Heath Ledger. However, this sparked obvious debate. There have been remarks about how the actor’s death possibly facilitated his victory. In response to this, all I can affirm is that even if this were justified, it doesn’t, however, take away the merit. His performance in the Dark Knight suggested that the actor had an outstanding potential. The role was the starting point of what promised to be a great career, so abruptly truncated by unforeseen circumstances. The Academy Awards were probably the best moment to acknowledge this. Finally another true winner is the ascending screenwriter Dustin Lance Black who is the self- made and previously unknown writer of Milk. In his acceptance speech, he remembered Harvey Milk, making a very profound statement to the American nation: “ Very soon I promise we will have equal rights federally” showing how differences nowadays are not obstacles to achieve something important. This proves the ability of the Ceremony, as shallow as it might seem, to always be a strong voice for the American people who strive for change and progress. A similar case happened when Michael Moore, a few years ago openly denounced the Bush administration, later causing a rift between the government and Hollywood.

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