Porn for the Blind (and other stories)” is a weird, wonderfully dark and very funny take on life’s many absurdities.

Let invisible compere M.C. Hamilton and his talented cast take you on a bizarre and twisted journey through modern life. No comedy stone is left unturned, as we present you with characters you’d never expect to meet (and hopefully, never will).

‘Porn for the Blind’ has everything a good sketch show should: specifically, it has robots in it. And if that’s not enough for you, then quite frankly, you don’t even deserve to see it.

The surreal world that Sussex students James Hamilton and James Stewart have created is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. ‘Porn for the Blind’ – the mad, bastard child of their twisted imaginations – will tickle your funny bone in ways you could never imagine.

Make sure you don’t miss out. Come to the Marlborough Little Theatre in Old Steine (Google it for directions, it’s easy to find!) between 18-20 March. Seats are very limited, so buy your ticket in advance from Falmer House Reception NOW!

Tickets cost a scant £5 (£4 for SUDS members). SPECIAL SUDS OFFER: Buy a ticket to Waiting for Lefty (18-20 March) and Porn for the Blind together, and get both for the cheap, cheap price of just £6!

‘We all find ourselves in situations that at times seem hopeless. And, we all have the choice to do nothing or take action…’ – Committeeman Lefty Costello

This sets the stage for Clifford Odets’ show, Waiting for Lefty, playing March 18th-20th in the Debating Chamber in Falmer House at 8 pm. Radical and rousing, this Depression-era drama is infused with the energy of social protest and the desperation of the common man struggling to defy the corporate machine.

‘Waiting for Lefty’ gives the audience an emotionally-charged view of life during the Great Depression by exploring the problem of the rich having all the money and the middle-class having nothing. Still startlingly relevant, the play promises to utilize the audience as they become members in a taxi driver’s union meeting and help decide its’ fate in this unique theatrical experience…

Tickets £3/£4 Wednesday, £4/£5 Thursday-Friday, and are available in advance from Falmer House Reception. Buy tickets to Waiting for Lefty and Porn for the Blind (18-20 March) and get both for the price of £6!

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