Students who were involved in a ‘Nazi style’ sports initiation have been suspended from the University of Gloucester for their actions. The suspended students dressed up in Nazi uniforms and paraded up and down in front of a line of a line of ‘new recruits’ who were made to wear plastic bags over their heads. The initiation was brought to the University’s attention through the film that was made by fellow student, Natalie Sutton. Miss Sutton used the footage as part of an assignment for her broadcast journalism course.

“…the NUS have been pushing for a nationwide ban on all sports initiation ceremonies.” 

Since the incident occurred in October of last year the University of Gloucester has been investigating the incident but won’t comment on how many students have finally been suspended. In December 2008, The University suffered further embarrassment when a student was violently sick on a public bus and the rest of the passengers were forced to leave the bus while the driver cleaned up the students vomit.

Sports initiation ceremonies have come under closer scrutiny in the past few years after the death of Exeter University student, Gavin Britton, back in 2006. Since the video appeared on YouTube back in October the NUS have been pushing for a nationwide ban on all sports initiation ceremonies.

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