Our very own Sussex alumnus, Rosie Brown, delivers her third album, a collection of songs comprising of an original mix of sounds: from jazz, to country with soothing acoustic guitar throughout.

The opening track ‘High Moon’ is a delicate romantic account with lovely lyrics and a dreamy jazz and blues instrumental, while ‘Mega Fauna’, one of two purely instrumental songs on the album is probably one of the most exciting for its shrieking jazz trumpet/trombone melodies and the James Bond, spy-like feel to it. The silkiness of Brown’s voice is quite evident in the rather original song ‘Galinette’, one of the last songs of the album, presented in both English and French languages.

Rosie Brown’s voice is exquisite: sexy, breathy, strong at times but sweet for the majority of the album. In this far from clichéd album, the richness of harmonies and variety of lyrics will take your breath away. Strange Recollection sets the mood for a relaxed night listening to the intimate and inspired sounds of this young talent. It’s different and, if I may say so, we do need that bit of freshness in such a homogeneous music scene.

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