After two days of voting, the results are in (Photo: Nick Blumsom)
After two days of voting, the results are in (Photo: Nick Blumsom)

The results of the referenda are in and voters emphatically chose that the Students’ Union should twin with the University of Goma to share skills, knowledge and resources and that the University Royal Naval Unit should still be part of USSU events and publicity. For the full results breakdown, see below…


Should URNU (University Royal Naval Unit) be excluded from USSU events and publicity?
Yes: 255 votes
No: 559 votes
Spoiled/blank ballots: 9

Should USSU twin with the University of Goma in order to share skills, knowledge and resources?
Yes: 523 votes
No: 198 votes
Spoiled/blank ballots: 98

Any complaints concerning the conduct of a referendum should be raised with the Returning Officer or the Deputy Returning Officer.

Any objection to the result of a referendum must be submitted in writing to the Returning Officer ( by noon on Tuesday 17th March. Union Council has the power to resolve any disagreement.

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Referenda results: URNU to stay; USSU to twin with Goma

  1. Finally the urnu can be recognised as a legitimate enity on campus and at the freshers fair.

  2. Plus, the campaigning for the YES on the URNU issue was much more overt and I would say maybe unfairly so (YES being written both on the floor on the way into the library and in big letters on the way in from the train station). This only makes this result even more resounding. I am anti-war, but completely for students making up their own mind as to who they want to work for and represent! Very pleased with this result.

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