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Police, camera… clean-up!

The Badger

ByThe Badger

Mar 2, 2009

Dubbed ‘Grimewatch’, police at the John Street station have taken a novel approach to keeping their kitchens clean. Staff were told on Tuesday about a plan to install CCTV in order to catch colleagues who do not wash up. Brighton’s new police commander, Chief Superintendent Graham Bartlett, said the camera should be a deterrent to stop people leaving a mess in the kitchen, which has been plagued with dirty crockery and rubbish.

The plan has not been universally well-received though, as Des Turner, MP for Brighton Kemptown quipped, “This gives a new meaning to the phrase, the Filth.”

But Ch. Supt. Bartlett defended the move, saying he’d rather be spending “police budget on neighbourhood policing than on any repairs which may arise [from the mess]”, adding, “No additional money was spent on the camera as it was already owned by Sussex Police.”

It has also been suggested that management should be able to discipline their officers without the use of surveillance. It has been seen by many as a waste of much needed public resources and a sad indictment of our nanny state times. As one Sussex 2nd year said, “Don’t they have better things to spend their time and money on? Why can’t they just draw up a rota?…We have to!”

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