Well, if you are, this is the right article to read! The Brighton Filmmakers Coalition (BFC) is a hub for the local film making community. It is a chance for all the people interested in screenwriting, acting, directing, editing etc. to join forces and share ideas and to realize independent productions. This is one of Brighton’s most active independent production companies. It hosts events that are open to the public and has as its main goal to make Brighton an active city for young film makers.

This crew holds weekly meetings on Sunday around 6:30 at the Northern Lights pub on Little East Street. Two weeks ago I was asked to go there and write an article for their most recent project, The “Make a Film in 48 hours” challenge. More than a challenge this was an opportunity for young crews of film makers to get involved in a project and to be able to create a movie in a very short time. As the name suggests, 48 hours to write it, to shoot it and to edit it.

“This kind of event is popular at film festivals,” says Daniel Fawcett, who runs the Brighton Filmmakers’ Coalition. “But this isn’t a competition. It’s more about the actual film making process than the end result. Anyone can be involved and we just want people to enjoy themselves” (Frances Huggett, press officer of the Brighton Filmmakers’ Coalition).

Thanks to the BFC now this event is inaugurated also in Brighton, with a short movie produced by their own crew. I must in fact say that I was incredibly impressed by the project, considering the amount of time they had to make it, noting that the story-line especially, was simply hilarious. I would say that we have a lot to expect in the future from this film crew. And I’m not just saying this because they had been so kind in offering me a drink!

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