I can’t believe I’m writing a blog on the web – This is a real first for me.

Wey Hey!!! I can’t believe I’m writing a blog on the web – This is a real first for me.

Over the years – I’ve done tonnes of stuff on the net. I once set up my on TV network broadcasting live ten hours a day seven days a week for Cheggers’ Bedroom.

It was a huge success and made front page of many a national newspaper and attracted over 300,000 unique viewers each day.

It was pure and unadulterated chaos with live interviews with celebrities, the viewer’s video, news, competitions and freebies. I found that most people logged on and watched from the work place. It was amazing as at 4pm every day the viewership soured!! Obviously people pretending to work – but in secret watching the show!!!

I’ve been approached on many occasions to do it again but getting financial backing was tough – so if anyone’s got tonnes of dosh and wants to give it to me – I might consider doing it again.

My recent exploit is www.cheggersbingo.com – my bingo website. It took me over 6 months to get off the ground but it’s now well and truly underway. Log on and you get a free quid to play with – Good luck to you all.

People always ask what I’m up to – Nowadays if you’re not on the telly for a week they think your careers over.

A lot of early birds may catch me on GMTV in the morning – which is great fun. You can’t beat knocking on doors and giving people money!!

I knocked on a lady’s door recently – gave her a cheque for ten thousand pounds and live on TV she said “You won’t tell ‘em I’ve been done for shoplifting will you”.

But better than that – I gave a man a surprise visit and he came out of his house – jumping round like a jack in the box. He was so excited he showed the nation his Kung Fu Moves, leaping like Bruce Lee. When we came off air – he asked me if that had gone out live? When I told him it had – he said “F*** Me” – I’ve just lost my incapacity benefits!!

I love TV especially when it’s LIVE. Over the years I’ve had my fair share of mishaps and TV bloomers. I once dived into the Roman Baths in Bath – my trunks slipped off and I showed 6 million kids my arse. I had to interview a child from the St. John’s Ambulance who was so nervous that when we went live she vomited all over me.

In Chester I picked up a monkey from the local zoo – it was like a tube of toothpaste as it decided to empty its entire bowel content all over me. I went round for the rest of the day stinking of monkey shit.

I had a long career in children’s television and loved every minute of it. But as they say you should never work with kids or animals.

Kids wise – I was always at the doctors – I got nits, head lice and skin complaints like it was going out of fashion – all caught from the youngsters. I even had me pocket pilfered, lost a gold bracelet and had a selection of credit cards pinched. ‘Oh Those Were The Days’.

At present my home recording studio and TV edit suite is running flat out. Commercially it’s busy – but on a fun note – my favourite recording bursts are the occasional jingle or bogus ad that I do for The Chris Moyles Show on Radio 1.

I love the Chris Moyles Show. It’s unique with no set format and you have to admire the whole team – Comedy Dave, Dom, Rachel, Carrie, Aled & Matt who give the nation 18 hours a week of fun broadcasting. Chris is a lovely man. I’ve been on the show several times and had many a cigarette outside with him. What you see and hear is what you get. He has no airs or graces and good on him. What a nice bloke.

I’ve had a really busy time recently and had to turn down tonnes of lovely offers from going into the jungle to a new celebrity Big Brother.

At this very moment in time I’m preparing to present the Children’s BAFTA’S again. I can’t believe they’ve asked me back. It was tremendous fun to present last time. My fav bit is bringing on stage the big stars!! I was so proud to introduce Daniel Craig – I’m a real fan of the man and he’s was even nicer than expected. To my surprise he was very nervous and quite shy but so affable and easy going. Who knows who I’ll bring on this year – the anticipation is killing me.

Ok that’s it for my first ever blog.

Wey Hey

Keith ‘Cheggers’ Chegwin xx

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