The debut EP from Liverpudlian quartet, Hudson Fall ( has so far garnered praise from Sir Paul McCartney.

‘The Factory’, the first track on the EP, contains a gem of a guitar solo, and is the strongest on the record; with a slight element of 60s’ psychedelia, this is probably your best bet for a download. ‘Heaven’, a modern take on the power ballad, sounds a little bit Stone Roses, and a bit formulaic. The track is dripping in some lush Killers-style synth, helping to make the track’s title a little bit more relevant, despite the clichéd lyrics. ‘Afraid of the Dark’, childlike name aside, is a confident display, with the band’s Oasis influence shining through in the verses, though you can’t help but feel that this is a slowed down version of the first track.

Lyrically the EP is pretty mundane, and though the musicianship is to be admired, the songs trot along at a slow pace and do little to inspire the listener.

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Hudson Fall – The Factory EP

  1. This review critises this e.p for being mundane and cliched but itself is full of typical music review ‘cliches’ and reads like a review from the NME which has been overtyped by the writer. Saw this band live a month ago in Liverpool and its good to see a band nowadays who are more about substance than style. Ignore this review and give the tracks listen.

  2. Cool review….. just give the tracks a listen due to that comment and they’re actually pretty good. This is the next sound I reckon better than that pop punk shit.

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