Guitararama is Stephen Dale Petit’s debut album following his success busking on the London underground, and one cannot deny his talent as a blues guitarist.

However, with songs such as ‘10 Year Reflections’ lasting nearly 9 minutes, this 17-track album is rather self indulgent. It’s mainly instrumental, focusing on Petit’s guitar playing, which, after 17 tracks, can leave you feeling like it needs something other than the guitar to carry it.

There are some good moments on the album, such as ‘7 Cent Cotton’ where the Jimmy Page influence is clear, and Petit manages to grab your attention with some catchy riffs. However, mostly Guitararama feels unoriginal.

While you wouldn’t be disappointed listening to it live in a crowded pub, the CD feels like an attempt at a covers album which doesn’t quite hit the mark. Petit’s attempt at Bill Withers’ ‘Ain’t no Sunshine’, for example, feels hollow without the lyrics accompanying the beautifully dark arrangement.

If you do have a love for pure electric blues guitar however, Petit is playing at the 100 club in London on 30th October.

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