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Haunts – Haunts (Black)

The Badger

ByThe Badger

Nov 24, 2008

Hailing from north London and Hertfordshire, Haunts prove that indie can grow and throw up new strands of music.

Their self titled album takes a while to really get going, but as soon as it picks itself up it becomes clear that there is a subtly to be found in Haunts’ music, absent in a lot of indie music at the moment.

Haunts is in fact divided into two clear halves – the first half being a collection of songs which rarely deviate from a generic indie sound. However, the second is something quite different; a mysteriously cool and interestingly mellow selection of songs that really perk up your ears and draw you into Haunts’ homemade wonderland.

This smoky new wave section of the album is also where Haunts really begin to demonstrate some lyrical depth, pulling genuinely interesting images and ideas together in their songs.

This fresh foursome definitely have a creepy, stylish feel about them – proving there ain’t nothing like a bit of north London grit.

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