Funny Women Corn Exchange, 24/10/08The Pavilion Theatre saw the introduction of ‘Funny Women’ to the Brighton Comedy Festival on the 23rd October.

A team of three female comedians and a compere create a show of gags about everything, from sex to muffin tops (overhanging stomachs if any blokes are wondering) to periods to train journeys.

First on stage is Andi Osho, who has found recent television fame on Channel 4’s ‘Tonightly’ programme. Her performance is well delivered and receives many a laugh from the audience, especially when reminiscing about childhood tendencies to make bizarre throat noises! However, there is the impression that her extensive discussion on chavs became slightly tiresome with the middle class Brighton audience.

Next up is Canadian Katherine Ryan. Ryan fails to deliver many gags which connect with the audience, creating an almost awkward feeling in the room as a few audience members muster up small, pitying laughs.

A joke mocking the lesbian community shows that Ryan obviously hasn’t done her research on Brighton. One woman in front of me turned to her friend mid-way through and whispered rather loudly, ‘this is shit!’

The ‘Funny Women’ producers most definitely saved their best ‘til last with Zoe Lyons rounding up proceedings with a faultless performance of comic talent. Her local knowledge of Brighton gives her a head start as she discussed the snobbery of seagulls and the infamous late night trains back from London Victoria.

However I still left with a disappointed feeling after having initial high expectations from these award-winning comics.

A gig that fails to provide the true ‘laugh till you cry’ experience I was expecting.

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