I have encountered many criticisms for the online publication Pitchfork from friends, claiming it to be snobbish and elitist, rubbishing some bands, then insisting on overhyping and supporting others, ascribing to them a conjured up notion of cool and importance. They are then put off the bands the website champions, which have included Arcade Fire and Animal Collective in the past.

This has been the case with Deerhunter’s third album Microcastle, which has been championed by Pitchfork for months. But Pitchfork haters; don’t let this put you off. This album is the four-piece from Atlanta’s finest album yet, a perfect balance of garage pop and ambient noise.

It has a languid, hazy tone that recalls My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless and more recently, Panda Bear’s Person Pitch. It is by far their most focused and lucid effort yet, epitomised in the catchy single, ‘Nothing Ever Happened’, with its driving bass line and pop-infused melody. Other highlights include ‘Little Kids’, displaying the ethereal, spacious vocals of Bradford Cox.

Twisty, at times dissonant pop at its best.

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