Das Pop entertain the masses at Concorde2 - Photo: Oscar Broughton
Das Pop entertain the masses at Concorde2 - Photo: Oscar Broughton

The three part Belgian, one part New Zealander band which stormed on stage last night were definitely what the crowd of people surrounding the stage was calling for a taste of.

Appearing under a golden display of balloons spelling out their name ‘DAS POP’, these electro popsters worked the crowd well with huge enthusiasm. Coming to Concorde2 for the second time this year the band put on a performance filled with eccentricity and great dialogue from front man Bent Van Looy.

Originally from Ghent, Belgium, this is a band with a wealth of experience touring with long time friends Soulwax (also from Ghent originally), The Gossip, The Kills, Alphabeat and Justice. Clearly having picked up the skills for whipping up an audience along the way.

Supporting Alphabeat last night, they demonstrated that although somewhat lacking in an original look or sound, their sheer positive determination and smiles all round gives them the feel of a more upbeat version of The Hoosiers.

Great little lines like “You knew just what to do to me, the things you learned in Germany” that cropped up enforced the foot tapping nature of the music, adding to the band’s fervour on stage.

As the gig drew to a close I came to the conclusion that Das Pop are a band that do exactly what they say on the tin. They are, as their name so rightly puts it, a clear-cut pop band that, despite being not particularly musically fresh, are likeable none-the-less.

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